Brené Brown, researcher and bestselling author of "Daring Greatly" and "Rising Strong," doesn’t just talk the talk. She’s walking the talk in her home state of Texas. In a live video posted on her Facebook page (Brené Brown) this week, this motivational writer is at Houston’s ground zero and encourages you to help out Hurricane Harvey victims, too.

Brown volunteers as a social worker in Houston, TX

Normally, we’re used to seeing Brown in interviews with high profile personalities, like Oprah or giving her famous 'TedTalk.' In her latest Facebook video, however, we see a raw and real Brown, who looks like she’s been through the wringer.

That’s because she has. In a response to the call for licensed social workers, Brown is volunteering her time, skills and compassion to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

There’s still a massive call for more social workers who can help with assessments and medical intake. But if you’re not a social worker in or around Houston, Brown gives you a very easy and relevant way to help and it might surprise you.

People don’t donate for several reasons

Some people remain on the fence when it comes to donating funds to relief efforts. Uncertainty surrounding the actual use of donated funds is one hesitation. Another reason why others don’t donate is because it’s difficult to relate or understand the reality of the situation.

Everyone likes a clean pair of underwear

There’s one thing that everyone can relate to, however, and that is clean underwear. And that’s exactly what people desperately need in Houston, according to Brown. She acknowledges and is grateful for all the clothing donations they’ve received thus far. However, clean and unused underwear is still in short supply.

Brown reports that “right now, it’s one thing that people don’t have and I think we all know underwear is something we take for granted until we don’t have it.” Apart from minimal, personal care, feminine hygiene, and accidents in both children and adults are a real concern. Rashes, cleanliness, odors, and risk for infection are on the rise in lieu of the underwear shortage.

Donating clean underwear improves the dignity of hurricane victims

Not only is not having underwear a hygienic concern, but it’s also a matter of dignity for men, women and children alike. Many Americans are dumbfounded and perhaps still in shock at the sheer size and breadth of this storm’s effects. But these emotional reactions aren’t always enough to generate action. Fortunately, Brown offers an intimate glance into the real conditions of the victims. By doing so, people can connect to the Harvey survivors, and more importantly, take action.

In closing, Brown encourages everyone to check the links provided at the bottom of her video, including the non-profit organization she knows personally, “Undies for Everyone”. And for those who are weary of misused donations, Brown assures us that she’s “100% confident in the stewardship of the money.”