The Philadelphia Eagles should have had their way with the Washington Redskins today, but the game looks to be hotly contested. The Redskins should have been limping through the 2017 season, but they have surprised this writer by playing the Eagles extremely well. There are many different reasons why the Redskins are playing so well today, and the most obvious reason is the defense that has taken over as their best unit. Will Kirk Cousins want to stay if the defense continues to play like this?

Staying is hard

The Redskins and Kirk Cousins have a very strained relationship that we can all see has been flawed for some time.

The two sides are so far apart on the salary that they have effectively gone into their corners to wait out the inevitable. The Redskins do not appear ready to pay Cousins with a long term deal, and Cousins wants to have the longest contract possible. The Redskins may decide to finally give him a longer contract, and Cousins may look at this defense and realize staying in Washington is a good idea.

Jay Gruden

If the Redskins can keep Jay Gruden with the team, they could pitch familiarity to Cousins in a way that no other team can. No one can tell him that they have the right coach for him because he only knows what it is like to play with Gruden. Cousins may choose to go to the 49ers because he wants to play for Kyle Shanahan, but that is the only team in the league that can draw him away with a coach.

The 49ers are not as good as the Redskins, and the Redskins can show Cousins that they have the right coach and the right situation for him. Anyone would look at the Redskins defense, be impressed, and want to play with them.

The offense would be his

The Redskins could choose to sign Cousins to a longer contract, and they would effectively give up any idea they had of getting a discount on him.

They would also cede control of the team to him in some small way. He could look over at the defense and think of it as his own because that unit will get him back onto the field faster after every score. The Redskins could become a potent offense simply because they have more opportunities. Cousins may want to remain in Washington because he sees how often he can get back onto the field with a team like this around him.

Win or lose

The Redskins have won the day even if they eventually lose to the Eagles this afternoon. Washington has shown their star quarterback that he has a home in DC that is littered with a good defense, resources, and the potential for a brilliant offense.