Lane Kiffin is back as he wants us to know that Alabama would have won the national title had he been calling plays in the championship game. I agree with him. Alabama could not hold back long enough to leave him on the sidelines to win a title, and it goes to show that the process is bathed in ego. The great leaders who insist on pinpoint accuracy at all times are often not accurate themselves as Nick Saban was inaccurate when he assumed Steve Sarkisian was practically the same person as Kiffin.

He is not wrong

He is not wrong because I firmly believe that he corrected the Alabama offense to the point where it was extremely deadly.

He gave the team every opportunity to score, and he has the mind of a coordinator. He could have followed Pete Carroll to the NFL, and he would likely be considered the best offensive mind in the game. He had to leave and move around. He had to get himself fired at the airport at USC, and he had to push Nick Saban's buttons too many times.

Why say anything?

I think that Lane is still upset with Nick Saban, and I think he always will be. There are simply too many personal issues in their relationship that we do not understand, and I bet you that Lane wakes up every day upset with Nick about something else. He looked at that game and laughed. He must have called his own game from in front of the TV, and I am certain that he was laughing at what they were trying to do.

He probably took a lot of pleasure out of watching Alabama lose, and now he wants them to know that they messed up.

Some kids will like that

I can imagine being a recruit who reads the articles about Lane Kiffin calling out Alabama will think that he has got guts for doing that. I can see them considering going to FAU because they have been turned down by programs like Alabama, and Lane is using his anger to get what he wants.

This is much like "Star Wars" when the Emperor tells Luke to use his anger. That is how everything gets so intense, and I think that the FAU program will be filled with angry energy. You can build a whole program around hating another one, and maybe Lane will build his whole program on people who have wronged him and his players.

That is a dangerous combination for their conference, and I think it could be an effective way of building a sports team.

He is just bitter, you say?

He is probably very bitter, but you can turn bitterness into perspective. You can look around and think, "I can use this to my advantage." That is what Lane Kiffin has done.