It used to be a time when high school students were the ones to get scholarships offers based on their skills in sports and in other areas. These days kids in lower grades and much younger are receiving those offers. It seems that Havon Finney Jr. has made history by being the youngest person to ever receive an offer.

The 9-year-old Los Angeles native made headlines by getting a football scholarship offer from the University of Nevada, according to his trainer, Mike Evans, a former Louisville football player.

Other kids who have received offers

Even though Finney is just nine years old, he is not the only youngster who has received scholarship offers.

Eighth grader Kaden Martin, son of Southern California offensive coordinator Tee Martin, has been offered a football scholarship by New Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin even though Martin is not scheduled to graduate until 2022. Coach Kiffin seems to be grabbing kids up early because he also offered a scholarship to sixth grader Bruce Feldman, a California quarterback.

Head coach Nick Rolovich at the University of Hawaii offered a football scholarship to Titan Lacaden, an 11-year-old quarterback who is in the fifth grade.

Ten-year-old Los Angeles native Bunchie Young has received an offer from Illinois. Young and Finney are both trained by Mike Evans.

Brandon McDuffey, who just finished ninth grade, has already given Kiffin a commitment after he graduates in 2020.

The 15-year-old Florida quarterback knows he wants to continue playing football at Florida Atlantic. He has visited the campus, and he likes the school. Besides, McDuffey thinks Kiffin is a great coach.

Seen on video

Offers are coming in earlier because coaches no longer have to spend time going to various high schools to see which students are good in sports.

They can now view various videos on YouTube and social media to see which kids are standing out. For examples, Finney and Young were selected after Nevada saw their YouTube videos that have had close to a million views.

Understanding the offers

Some people are against the trend of offering young students scholarships while they are in elementary school because they have a long way to go before the offers can be claimed.

Anything can happen before the child graduates. One such thing is that the coach could leave the school after giving the offer.

Evans told 247Sports that the scholarship offers don't mean the kids or the schools are locked into anything yet. More than likely, the youngsters will get other offers. In the same manner, schools will get other recruits. Evans contends that one of the main benefits of kids getting scholarship offers so early is that it motivates them to continue doing what they are already doing while knowing they are being watched by coaches.