Louisville is starting a strong campaign for Lamar Jackson to win the Heisman Trophy yet again, and he has been responsible for over 900 yards of offense in less than two games. His squad will likely beat North Carolina today, and we must pay homage to Jackson because he is starting just as strongly as he did last season. Lamar Jackson led Louisville to a drubbing of Florida State last year, and he won the Heisman going away. Can he do the same this season with a start like this?

He is fast

Lamar Jackson may be the fastest player we have seen since Michael Vick, and he has already won the Heisman Trophy based almost exclusively on his speed.

He confuses opposing defenses because they cannot keep up with him, and it is hard for other teams to stay in front of him because he is moving faster than they are. His speed is such a big part of his game that defensive backs cannot watch him and cover receivers at the same time. Someone who has accounted for over 900 yards of offense in two games for two seasons in a row must be considered the most deadly player in football.

Louisville has to finish better

Louisville has to finish the season well because they are in the position to win the ACC. Florida State is missing their quarterback in Deondre Francois, and Lousiville still has Lamar Jackson. Clemson is good, but they are definitely beatable because Deshaun Watson is now in the NFL.

These factors all conspire to make it possible for the Cardinals to win the ACC. They may find themselves in a good position to win the ACC because they have found the perfect quarterback, been helped by injuries on other teams, and have seen players from other schools leave for the NFL.

The Cardinals are coached well

The Cardinals are coached by Bobby Petrino, and he has proven to be very good at his job.

You may not agree with all his life decisions, but he is very good at what he does. He has made Arkansas and Louisville relevant, and he proves his worth every year regardless of the situation. His teams tend to play better than those of his predecessors, and he was even rehired at Louisville because they knew that he was the best thing they ever had in football.

He found Lamar Jackson, and he has created a juggernaut offense that everyone in the country must be afraid of.

The Louisville Cardinals and Lamar Jackson are a force to be reckoned with that can beat up on any team in college football if they want to. We see the results against North Carolina, and the success is sure to continue.