There are many Players who are hoping to raise their draft stock in the second week of the college football season, and these kids are hoping to earn their draft stock through good play that is seen by everyone in the country. An offensive lineman or defensive guard often has to be seen on tape, but quarterbacks and skill position players will make their name in highlights that we all see on late night sports shows. These players are spread across the country, but the one that we should all watch is Lamar Jackson.

Lamar is not coming out

Lamar Jackson is not entering the NFL Draft this year, but he will make teams salivate because they want to get him in his prime.

They want to see him do amazing things that only he can do for their franchise, and they want to imagine him in their uniform. A team like the Jets may have to hold off on Sam Darnold in favor of Jackson, or the Jacksonville Jaguars may draft Jackson when he finally enters the league. These teams will be excited at the possibilities they see in Jackson, and they will likely get many different highlights that will convince them that Jackson is the man.

It is Louisville

The biggest problem for some people will be that Jackson plays at Louisville. The Louisville football program has been very good for some time, and it has shown that it can compete with the best programs in the country. However, this program is considered s second tier school because they are a basketball school.

Louisville will spend the rest of its days trying to convince the nation that they are a big time football program, but we may never believe them. Certain teams will not draft Jackson because they think that he is playing inferior competition. We know this is not true, but it is hard to shake that perception of Louisville football.

His speed

NFL teams may not draft Jackson because all they see is speed, and they will get nervous because they see a facsimile of Michael Vick or RGIII. These teams are scared of having a small and fast QB who gets hurt or simply does not stand in the pocket and throw. Their fear will send Jackson to another team that wants to build their offense around him, and they may run across the next version of Steve Young.

Young learned to slide and throw from the pocket, won a Super Bowl, and went to the hall of fame.

Lamar Jackson is the next big thing in college football after Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen, and we must watch him closely. Perhaps he will win the Heisman again.