Joel Osteen and other prosperity preachers believe the poor did something wrong, and are to blame for their own poverty. Hurricane Harvey should be an eye-opener because everyone in its path was affected. The wind and water did not discriminate based on class the way this false teaching does.

Prosperity teachers deny common sense and logic

It used to be understood that a person making $10.00 an hour would not live as well as someone making $30.00 an hour. This is common sense and basic math. The prosperity gospel teachers tell congregants that their job is not their source, but a seed to sow, and that the more money you give, the more favor you receive from above.

Hurricane Harvey was devastating but it proves a point. The wind and the water did not skip over those who gave large sums of money to Prosperity teachers.

I listened a few years ago as Joel Osteen was interviewed by Oprah. They both agreed that poor people don't try hard enough. They did not take into account that some individuals have more obstacles than others. Donald Trump seems to have this same mindset, based on the decisions he is making as president. His closest spiritual advisor is Paula White, who also teaches that wealth is a blessing from God and poverty is a curse.

Blaming the poor for their circumstances is wrong

Because these individuals have been financially successful they believe anyone can obtain financial prosperity, but life does not always work that way.

They ignore the hardships of life that can hold a person down and seem to believe they somehow have God's favor because they have lots of money. it would be a travesty if Joel Osteen's told members of his church who lost all in Hurricane Harvey that they did something wrong to cause it. Osteen was spared because his $10 million home was outside of the flooded areas, not because of a miracle from heaven.

Not everyone whose income falls below the poverty line makes financial mistakes. There are people who work hard and save for retirement but now make less money each month and have to dip into their nest egg to survive. Medical expenses and home repairs can also wipe out savings. The disabled and many retirees are limited to a meager monthly income and are penalized if they try to work and bring in additional funds.

Joel Osteen, Donald Trump, Paula White, and Oprah are far removed from the trials of the everyday working American. They do not understand the many obstacles that keep prosperity at bay for the less fortunate.