We are used by now to making mountains out of the molehill utterances of the hated Donald trump. We know he is a white man justifiably called the first white president. We know he has jovially welcomed snakes like Gorsuch and the nice Mercer family into the bosom of his circle. But we also know what he is apparently just seeing, for the first time, his only out before Mueller puts him away. It is embracing the party of Hillary.

Unless Trump can actually stick with his teeny recent jump and turn it into a monster flip, he will be hated by all and sent back to wherever he is welcome, or at least tolerated.

The only thing Mueller might hit the brakes on is if Trump becomes FDR -- a raving Democrat who appoints raving liberals and skewers McConnell and Ryan as only he can.

You know this will never happen

If all this eludes you, for lack of some backstory, check out Mike Allen's digest just received.

It is not all the people who now hate Donald. It is everybody but the people who will hate him if he actually continues his leap. That would be the entire GOP which would be faced with a President who finally sees them for what they are, opportunists who hope in Trump's white America. It ain't gonna happen. Trump may be too dumb to see it. But he can count, and he can read rooms.

Don't get your hopes up, but ...

There is at least a smidgeon of promise in an actual Trump move to the center. That is where the country is, and it accords with what I have suggested forever. For reference, Obama was a centrist who made three errors, as Cornel West suggests -- coddling Wall Street, invading the rights of Americans and killing people with drones.

No president is perfect. Trump is already doing a shade better than he did before he shook hands with Chuck Schumer Friday.

Upward trail or a storm that will make Irma look like a shower?

Trump may have apoplexy before he can experience victory or cry over defeat. We can be sure of nothing with him. But everything he has said he wants, the democrats can give him.

They can help him craft a fair haircut for the rich. He can work with them on a huge, job-creating infrastructure program. And just maybe they can give him the counsel he needs to save us from some seriously wounding international conflicts.

The real winning thing

For Trump's victory to be complete, two things would be needed. A serious apology to Barack Obama with credible acts of repentance. And a neutering of the GOP and Citizen's United and everything else on the right that needs to go.

Tell me to dream on. I know. But it's an idea.