Joel Osteen is the pastor of Lakewood church, which has the largest congregation in America and has the means to influence millions from his pulpit. While other pastors are taking a stand against the white supremacist activity in Charlottesville, VA., and the president's response to it Osteen is catching heat for a lackluster response.

Osteen wimps out and does not address racism

There have been no reports of Joel Osteen addressing recent issues from his pulpit, but he did put a message on his Facebook page. Instead of condemning racism, as did many other pastors, Osteen believes people should look the other way.

He said that just because someone is wrong does not mean you need to engage with them. Shame on "America's pastor," for taking the easy way out. If people did not engage, African Americans would still be riding the back of the bus and drinking from a separate water fountain.

Joel Osteen wimped out because he does not want to lose any of his followers. Osteen preaches a pop sugar, smile all the time feel good gospel that is not in the Bible. He has millions listening to him each week because he says what makes people feel good, but the truth is often uncomfortable. As the leader of the largest American church, he had a platform but misused it.

The Osteen gospel does not address the adversities of life

Joel looks into the TV camera each week and says things like; "God's not mad at you," Don't look at the down side," and "Have a positive attitude." Minorities in America have not come as far as they have by smiling and thinking happy thoughts. Racism is serious and has cost people their lives.

Osteen's "don't worry be happy" philosophy does not work regarding recent events in this nation.

The pastor of Lakewood church looks figuratively into his crystal ball or Ouija board and tells millions each week that life is going to be grand. Each time there is a national tragedy, Osteen's message remains the same. He completely ignores reality and never addresses fact because his gospel is a false one.

Preachers like Osteen could do so much good if they preached the love of Christ for all humanity.

If all Christian pastors in every denomination would man up and engage in current events, perhaps there might be a change. Unfortunately increasing numbers of them preach about being wealthy and successful. It's time Joel Osteen and others like him step up to the plate or get out of the way for someone who is not afraid.