Lesean Mccoy is not a thankless Jerk, but that is what Jim Kelly wants you to believe. The debate over the flag could go on forever, and we need to stop assuming that all professional athletes are pampered babies. Yes, Odell Beckham looks like a lunatic the way he celebrated on Sunday, but LeSean McCoy is not automatically a jerk because of how he protested the anthem. Jim Kelly needs to stop talking because he is whittling away at his credibility. We are not talking about how he is perceived now. We are talking about how he will look in a couple decades for the things that he has said.

Jim Kelly is on the wrong side of history

Jim Kelly said, according to ESPN, "You want to kneel? That's your prerogative. I would never do that. I will always stand, thank the good Lord for everything I got." Sadly, LeSean McCoy should not have to justify whether or not he is thankful for the life that he has. However, now Jim Kelly has called the integrity of McCoy into question. You are making it very personal when you act like someone is not thankful for their life because they did not do what you wanted them to do. Apparently, Jim Kelly wants everyone in the world to live life his way. It seems that God loves us, but Jim Kelly has a plan for our lives.

McCoy was cool about it

McCoy was very cool about it, and he said that he was able to text Kelly and let him know that it was all water under the bridge.

He must be a better person than most of us, because a lot of people would be very offended at what was said. When someone calls your personal integrity into question, that is very hard to forgive. However, Jim Kelly is abusing his position as a former star of the team that McCoy plays with. That is not fair to McCoy, and it makes Kelly look like a bully.

In fact, he is a bully. He can disagree, but that is where it has to stop. It would be like going up to McCoy in church and telling him that he is praying wrong.

Moving on

Hopefully, for the sake of the Bills, these two guys really have hashed this out. McCoy might not stand for the anthem or give it the sort of reverence Kelly wants, and Kelly needs to get over it.

It is very hard to see stars from our youth turn into mean old people who think that they can tell young people what to do. Remember that Kelly is white and McCoy is black. We cannot go around telling black folks how to live because they are living in a state of oppression. Yes, even McCoy has a completely different life from the white majority. He deserves respect, too.