INFJs (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging) are the rarest of its kind being only 1.5 percent of the entire population. It's no wonder why it can be a bit difficult to deal with these personality types. They're quite sensitive and they over analyze things.

Since this is the Case, how do we make sure that we understand them? What are the things that we should be aware of so that we don't offend them? To answer these questions, Hello Giggles came up with the things that you should never say to an Infj. Here's a brief summary:

Telling them to calm down

If an INFJ personality is freaking out, don't ever dare tell them to calm themselves.

That's not going to work. Take note that these people are introspective thinkers. The more that you tell them to stop a behavior, the more they're going to analyze their behavior which can lead to destructive thinking.

The solution to this is to let them recover first. They need to take some time before they can reach a conclusion so just patiently wait and be there for them.

Saying that they're not doing enough

An INFJ tends to be a perfectionist. They want everything done in a certain way. They are very careful in what they do and that takes a lot of their time. Since that's mostly the case, a lot of people interpret it as unproductive behavior. Believe me, they're doing their best. It's just that they prioritize quality over quantity.

Telling them they're overdoing things

As what's mentioned earlier, INFJs are cautious people. They're into details and they don't let anything slip. They pay close attention to almost anything. They're not merely trying to show off - try to understand that this is how they work.

Pushing them to go out more

We've established that these people are both extroverts and introverts in some cases.

They are gifted with language and they are good at communicating with others. If they want to get their message across, they express their points clearly and they are eager to engage in an intelligent discussion. This implies that they are approachable and they socialize as well. However, they only exhibit this behavior to people they trust.

Moreover, INFJs have "hibernating" stages. If your friend went out with you for two straight days and now MIA for a week, keep in mind that maybe he or she is just enjoying alone time. INFJs need some time to recharge as socializing often takes a toll on them. It drains them of energy and they can't function well if they continue longer than expected.