The Bills and the Jets are both in pretty bad shape, and they must use this season to learn what they can do to keep their franchises on the right track. They are both hurting at the quarterback position, and they are having issues with depth. The Bills and Jets are not very good teams right now, but they can take early victories that will give them a little confidence. Predicting who will win sheds light on what these two teams can do in the future to make their franchises as strong as possible.

The Bills

The Bills are struggling because they have had issues with the quarterback position since Jim Kelly retired, and they are afraid that Tyrod Taylor could be hurt again, enter the concussion protocol, and miss more time.

It is too hard for the Bills to get their offense going when they are having issues with Taylor, and they have a new regime that wants to see progress before they make choices for the future. A team that is not progressing is more likely to draft a quarterback, and we could see the Bills make a wholesale change to their offense that is even more drastic than what they have already done.

The Jets

The Jets are wondering if they have any quarterbacks at all, and they have not yet played Bryce Petty for significant amounts of time. There are those in New York who are screaming for the Jets to play Petty, and they are extremely upset that the Jets have not evaluated all the people that play for them.

This game with the Bills is a test for the Jets because they will see if they have anything worthwhile on offense, if they need to change quarterbacks, and if they should plan to draft a new quarterback.

Two bad teams need wins

Both of these teams cannot tank at the same time when they face one another. If you planned to lose this game, you cannot aim to play worse than your terrible opponent.

This game could be very competitive because the Jets and Bills are looking for wins that they might not find elsewhere in their schedule. They are not as good as the Dolphins and Patriots, and they are only better than a couple terrible franchises in the NFL. Both teams need as much confidence as they can get, and they may have a better season if they start well.

Nothing to lose

These teams have no chance of even going to the playoffs, and they should ensure that they are playing for pride and the future. The Jets need to play Bryce Petty because they need to know what depth is there at quarterback, and the Bills must be just as careful.