isaiah thomas has a hip injury that is concerning many around the NBA. The Cavaliers were worried about it so much that they asked for more compensation from the Celtics. The Celtics were happy to give them what they wanted because they may be just as concerned about the injury. We do not know how severe it is because we are not Thomas' doctors, but we know that it is not something to be trifled with. His career could be in jeopardy unless the Cavaliers are very careful with him this season.

Go slow

Someone in the NBA is going to pay this man to revive their offense.

He could go to one of many places where his grit and will to hold the ball are welcome. We could name many teams that will be interested in his services, and we should take a look at what is possible once he is on a team with LeBron James. He could look even better than he did last season if he has a superstar with him, and he will not need to come back so quickly.

The shots matter

Thomas scored at an amazing clip last season, but he is such a short guy that everything looks incredible. The shots did not always matter, but they looked amazing. He can go to Cleveland now where all the great shots and moves he makes will make a difference. That alone will cut down on his usage rate, and he will have less of a chance of hurting himself.

Thomas will be given every chance to look his best because he does not have to score every point, and the tape will look so good that someone will throw money at him.

The Cavaliers can wait

The Cavaliers have to be ready to see the Celtics in the east finals because no one in the east will compete with those two teams. They can literally sit around for most of the season without doing too much work, and they will have a good seeding for the playoffs.

That is all that matters in the current NBA because teams do not need to win 73 games in a season. The Warriors are so good that they can run their team like that, but the Cavaliers have no need of that.

He can improve

Thomas will have time to improve because he is not dragging the team on his back. He will have time to work on his defense, and it will be a requirement from LeBron James who is an excellent defender.

Thomas could turn out to be a much better player when this season is over, and James could help him become the complete player that we all want to see. The hip injury will be a thing of the past if he is improving that much, and his low usage rate will help keep him healthy for the balance of the season.