A President extorting his people is not a ‘deal maker’. Donald Trump doesn’t really make good deals. He, instead, uses intimidation, and extortion to get what he wants.That's not suave deal making, it's bullying and intimidation. It's gangster. DACA is being used, by the Trump administration, as a form of extortion through kidnapping.

Donald and his so called, 'Republican' sycophants are really fascist.

Rejecting Dreamers; It’s wrong. It’s sadistic. It’s down right evil.What it appears to be is that Donald Trump and his Republican lap dogs are trying to get funding to build their wall, by holding 800,000 or so young dreamers hostage.

They are also trying to engender xenophobia and further foster the fascist, racist Trump brand. They are using this despicable cloak of ‘nationalism’ with which to do it.

It is clear to me that these greasy politicians will not answer any question directly. What they do instead, is refer to weak descriptions about ambiguous events in uncertain time periods, arriving each time in their speech, with their tired fear mongering, false nationalism schtick about “a nation of laws” and “needing to protect our southern borders.” As if by doing so they will magically protect us from some mass invasion which never manifests. This is how a small fascist group manages to usurp a nation. There are no invaders to fear but the ones occupying the White House as we speak.

What has the Republican party done lately that we should so easily fall for these aggressive tactics?

These fatcats, so detached from the pulse of the American people, have absolutely no idea of what we need or want. Republican party politicians have become liars and cheats on such a blatant level it boggles my mind. If there are still those that support the Constitution they have become, or have always been weak willed and spineless cowards.

American Democracy is for the people, not for the white people, take it back.

I’m ashamed to admit that until Donald Trump became our President, I never really concerned myself with politics. I have been alive for going on 48 years. I have never been as scared for the planet as I have been since these fascists have taken over the White House.

I realize though, that they have been doing this for a while.

Don’t think I have not had my share of self-loathing moments when taking this into consideration. I thought I was being patriotic by refusing to participate in a system that was so incredibly flawed. I was wrong. I was an idiot, which is how the ancient Greeks used to refer to those who neglected political life. I was part of the problem. And so are you if that is what you have been doing.

It’s time to make a stand at the ballots if ever there was such a time. These people have been setting fire to the entire institution that is our American Democracy. Democracy is for the people, by the people. Not; for poor, scared white bigots, by poor, scared, white bigots.

And not for rich, greedy, manipulative psychopathic fat cats that call themselves Republicans either. How many blatant slaps in the face can the American people take before we have finally had enough? What will be left of our once great nation once they have finished rearranging the furniture?