Santana Moss has been reported by ESPN as having spoken to 106.7 The Fan about the firing of Mike Shanahan in Washington. There was a time when Shanahan was going to make RGIII into a superstar, and Shanahan got fired after RGII got hurt and the team started to fall apart. Santana Moss was a receiver on that team, and he explained to the radio station that RGIII might have been happy about Shanahan getting fired. RGIII fired back on Twitter because he thinks that Moss is lying. The simple fact is that it does not matter. What matters is that players need to do their jobs.

Why are we arguing about this?

RGIII flamed out of the league because he got hurt a lot, was not willing to stop running, and was cancer in the Redskins Locker Room. RGIII is out of the NFL because teams realized that they could not do anything with him, and it appeared that he had moved on. It seemed that he got married and was ready to do something else with his life. There are many people who still want to rehash these things because they think that they missed a big opportunity in Washington, and that is why there is an argument going on over a firing that happened so long ago.

The ego

The ego of RGIII is what got in the way because there were reports from every major network from ESPN to CBS that RGIII was not liked in the locker room once he became a superstar.

He probably thought that he could have more of a say about what happened in the locker room, and he was wrong. He obviously is not well liked by Santana Moss, and RGIII took the disrespect to Twitter instead of letting it go. He appeared to Moss by calling him a brother, but this is not necessarily how brothers act.

It does not matter

This is an argument that does not matter. Mike Shanahan was on his last legs, and we had already decided that he needed John Elway to win. We knew that RGIII was going to get hurt all the time, and we were in the middle of giving up on the Redskins. There are many people who thought that the team should have been blown up to start over, and that is what happened.

At least the Redskins had Kirk Cousins, and they moved on with life. RGIII and Moss need to learn to let it go because these two players are not even relevant anymore.

Could it have been different?

No. The team would have imploded with RGIII at quarterback. Now, all the blame can be laid at the feet of the owner who has not paid Kirk Cousins. This team has new problems, and RGIII just does not move the meter anymore.