The Giants are in the driver's seat in the Nfc East because they have the best receiver in football. They have odell beckham jr. They have Brandon Marshall and Eli Manning, and that is a recipe for a lot of scoring. They are only missing one piece, because their left tackle is not very good. I can see how that could spell doom for their season, but this team should be able to gut out a very good season given their scoring threats. We as football fans must remember that Eli Manning is more elusive than most, and he has total command of this offense.

The NFL season leaves room for error

The NFL season leaves room for error from every team, and the Giants could benefit from errors of other teams in their division. The Redskins have tripped up by not managing their roster properly, and the Eagles are not quite good enough to win this division yet. The Cowboys have the better offense, but the Giants have a better defense. These two things could even out as the Giants stop their opponents and the Cowboys do not.

The Giants' offensive line

The offensive line of the New York Giants is a mess because they cannot get Eric Flowers to play at the level that they want him to. They must know by now that they have drafted him far too high, but they are stuck with him because there are no better options.

They must trust that he will improve, the receivers will bail Manning out, or Manning will must spend much of his time eluding the opposing defense.

The Giants defense

Every team in the NFC must play the other three twice during the season. The Giants defense will stop other teams more often than not because they have more talent than the other teams in their division.

They can pull their offense up by the bootstraps because the defense is one of the best in the NFL. We often think that defense wins championships. That is not necessarily the case anymore, but it will win this division. Pundits in the league love the Giants defense, and they could lead the league in total defense. If they do that, they will win this division easily.

The Giants have the weaker coach

Ben McAdoo is not as good as Jason Garrett as a head coach, and that could cause problems if there are key decisions that must be made in certain games. The Cowboys could win those games because they have the better coach, and the Giants could lose those games because McAdoo is not as experienced. He must develop a lot this season because the Giants may need him to make the right decisions in a wild card round playoff game.