The Tampa Bay Bucs and the Atlanta Falcons are on a collision course of talent, speed, and defense that could lead to a war every season in the NFC South. This division has so much parody that a team is rarely the repeat champion, and two teams are hardly ever really good at the same time. However, it looks like the Falcons and the Bucs could be very good at the same time for many years. That would result in a war in the Nfc South that would be fun to watch regardless of the overall playoff picture.

The hate will grow

Truthfully, the Saints and Falcons hate each other more than any other team in this division, but the Bucs and Falcons could grow to hate each other a lot.

That would be fun to watch, and it would be interesting to see as it grows into a rivalry that we really want to watch. These teams used to be so bad you could not even watch them, but now they are both good enough to develop some real animosity. That would make the play between the lines chippy, and it would make the games much more competitive overall. They could shift power in the division, and Atlanta fans could get over their hate of New Orleans.

They are young

These are young teams that can keep this up for years at a time, and they will be good enough to make every game interesting even if they are not necessarily favorites to go to the NFC title game. The Bucs should be in the hunt for the playoffs, and that would mean that beating the Falcons is much more helpful to them overall.

They must ensure that they have thought this through because they could find that they have the Falcons' number. They are young and fast, and they could cause problems for a young offensive line in Atlanta. Dirk Koetter knows the Falcons, and he could use that knowledge to play them well.

It raises play for the Panthers

There is not a lot of hope for the Saints right now outside of their quarterback, but this would raise the play of the Panthers going forward because they do not want to be left out of the conversation in this division.

They will be good enough to stake a claim for the top spot, and they may want to play harder than ever because they do not want to be surpassed by these two teams. A team from this division has been to the Super Bowl two years in a row, and it would not be shocking if a third team went this year. That would be due in part to the fact that they test each other during the season. I want to see an NFC South war because these teams are good enough to give us good football.