Lincoln Riley has started right, and the retirement of Bob Stoops has worked out perfectly. If you start the season with UTEP and beat them 56-7, you have done something right. Bob Stoops was right to leave when he did so that the whole staff would be in place, and the team has gone on to do what they are supposed to do. You may say that this means nothing because they were supposed to beat a team like this, but you are wrong. They could have looked bad, and they did not.

Why this will work

Riley knows how to call plays, and he has been working under Bob Stoops for two years.

He was practically groomed for this position while Stoops was planning to retire. He has everything worked out, and I bet you that all the players were not even surprised. They probably knew that something was going on, and the announcement was really just a formality for them. They probably were happy to see Riley get the job, and then they were asked to fall in line.

Tell me they will not win the Big 12

What is stopping oklahoma from winning the Big 12 now that we have seen this? Texas is not all that good, and they could beat Oklahoma State. Texas A&M will need a new coach soon, Baylor is a mess, and Texas Tech might also need a new coach. Are we banking on Kansas State to handle the Sooners?

Kansas? I do not think so. It only makes sense that they are the prohibitive favorite to win the conference. Riley could get the early national title if he plays his cards right. I do not think that will happen, but I can see how it could.

They can score

We have nothing to worry about with the offense, and they will probably have Baker Mayfield in the top three of the Heisman voting again.

Only one person has been in the top three three years in a row, and that was some running back from Georgia named Hershel Walker. So, if you are being compared to the best college football player of all-time (do not even argue this with me, my dad would roll in his grave if I said anything else), you are doing pretty well for yourself.

Mayfield's rating was over 280. What more do I need to say.

What if this is a revolution?

What if they score 50 points a game on everyone? I would love to see that considering that would make them the best offense in the country in a major conference. I really want to see what would happen if Riley had a whole year to implement an offense that was that dangerous. Can you imagine how easily they would win games? I have to see more Oklahoma as soon as possible.