The San Francisco 49ers are rebuilding, and this is why you stick around as a fan. The team that you have loved your whole life can get it together if you give them a bit of time. San Francisco is starting over because they want to be like the old 49ers. They have Kyle Shanahan, and they have a genius personnel department that has already done amazing things. They are going to go back to their old ways, and that may include signing Kirk Cousins. What else can they do to make this team better, and how fast can they do it?


They will continue to make shrewd moves, and they will ensure that they have a stacked roster that will cause problems for everyone in the league.

They will show the people in the NFC West that they have an identity, and they will simply fill in the pieces. It is entirely possible that they will sign Kirk Cousins because he fits into this identity, and they will see the same results that Kyle Shanahan got with Matt Ryan in Atlanta. They have made amazing decisions about drafting and signing players, and they are already far more talented than when they started the preseason.


Kyle Shanahan may be the next offensive guru like his dad, and he could do something amazing in San Francisco that would include getting back to the Super Bowl. His dad was once with Bill Walsh, and Kyle could become the person who brings that kind of success back to the city.

Bill Walsh and his direct disciple George Seifert were the only men to win Super Bowls with the 49ers, and someone who is connected to that family tree may be the next one if this plan works. Shanahan has proven that he is not daddy's boy who only got a job because his dad was a good coach. He has clearly proven himself, and now he can show what he can do with his own team.


The 49ers have a certain belief around them that will equal results in a couple years when they are not terrible and green. This season is a soft open for the team, and it will give them a chance to see how they must run. We should expect to see Shanahan have the kind of relationship with John Lynch and Jed York that his dad had with the DiBartolo family and people such as John McVay.

It is very important for them to have the same kind of front office as they once did, and they will do well to replicate what Carmen Policy was able to create back in the golden age of the 49ers. They are very close to creating a new culture in the Bay area that will leave them very ready to take back their rightful place near the top of the NFL.