See that face on Kirk Cousins? That is the face you should make when you see betting lines for the season. The Patriots are going to be favored in every game this season, and that makes them a scary bet because we already know they likely will not go 16-0. You cannot Bet your money on sporting teams that could change at any second no matter how much you think they will win their next game. It is much smarter for the gambler to research teams on a week to week basis before placing any bets. Anything could happen.

Check injury reports

The injury reports in the NFL are meant for gambling more than anything else.

You can make choices based on the injuries you see in the report, and you can avoid teams if you think that they are not prepared to play properly. You can avoid a team that has too many injuries, or you can avoid a team that has a key injury. You should ensure that you have checked carefully, and you should know who is most important to the team before you place your bets. A team that is trying to ensure it will be safe from injuries may be more conservative, and they will score less. A team that has a conservative defense gives up more points, and you suddenly have many things to consider.

Bet late

Anything could change before the game starts, and betting as close to the game as possible is safer for you.

You have eliminated a lot of time where something bad could happen, and you must ensure that you have taken the time to check one more time before you place your bet. The line could change because of an injury or arrest, and you will get the truest line on the game when you have waited to place your bet. You must be smarter with your money, and you must think carefully about how you are spending your money before you throw it around.

No emotions

You cannot bet on emotions. You picked your favorite team when you were five years old, and you are holding onto that team like it is one of the most precious things in the world. You must ensure that you are willing to admit when your team has no chance to win or cover a line. I am a 49ers fan, and we stink. You have to be that brutal about it if you want to keep your money.

You will lose a ton of money if you have not made the right choices, and your money will be harder to stretch when you are betting with your heart and not your head. You should be as cerebral as the people you watch on handicapping shows, and you will find that careful consideration will prevent you from spending money you will likely lose.