The New York Jets are not poised to have a good season, but they are certainly in a position where they can help people make their dreams come true. They have brought a player on their practice squad who has been through Open Heart Surgery, and you might not think that is someone who should be playing NFL football. I am here to tell you that this is part of a brilliant trend of the NFL looking at players who did not take traditional paths to the league.

They had a slot

The practice squad for the Jets had a space for this man who has had one of the most traumatic medical histories you can imagine if you wanted to play in the NFL.

Having open heart surgery is not enough because he had to go through an incredible recovery that included getting ready to play in an NFL training camp. He has worked hard to get through college at Portland State, and now he is on the practice squad as an undrafted free agent.

Xavier Coleman is amazing

Xavier Coleman is the young man who had open heart surgery in high school, and it must have been a hard experience for a kid who was still in high school. He went on to Portland State, and he has held onto this dream of playing in the NFL. The best part of this whole story is that he is in good health now. I wish his family well because I am sure that they are proud of him in every way.

The coaches liked him

The coaches on the Jets staff liked him enough that he might have made the team as it was. He hurt his knee in the preseason, and his progress was slowed down. However, he was liked enough to stay on the team. I hope that he can get activated and put on the roster for a game. Even if he only plays one series, that is enough for him to have fulfilled his dream.

I know that many people never get to play in the NFL, and it must have been a long struggle to get here from Portland State of all places. Small college footbal makes it hard for players to get noticed, and Xavier's story is worth hearing.

We give many second chances

The NFL is very good at second chances. Look at Brian Banks who played for the Falcons after being falsely accused of rape and going to jail.

He got to play in the NFL because the Falcons wanted him to have that chance. Players in the NFL like Cris Carter have come back from addiction and troubled backgrounds to be amazing, and players like Michael Vick went to jail and came back to the league. The story of Xavier Coleman is a reminder that sometimes the NFL does really good things no matter how much we get on them for player safety or legal issues.