Americans seem to be accepting the un-presidential behavior of number 45 and becoming used to the profanity-laced rants from Donald Trump. Recently referring to NFL players he said any "son of a bitch" who did not stand for the national anthem should be fired. There was a time when the office of president of the United States was respected and there were standards that had to be adhered to. The POTUS is now making it acceptable for U.S. citizens to no longer put their best foot forward, and instead to say whatever comes to mind. Our current leader is an embarrassment to this nation and no one seems to care.

Everyone just carries on as usual as though this is normal, but it is not.

Americans used to hold leaders to high standards especially in public forums

There was a time when a president of the United States conducted himself with decorum and had moral standards. Donald Trump has single-handedly lowered the bar for acceptable behavior from a POTUS. He regularly uses profanity in public forums and continues to badmouth other leaders. He has been president for more than eight months but still refers to his former opponent as "crooked Hillary." It is a sad day in America when our Youth is learning how to put forth their worst behavior from the leader of the free world.

This is definitely not a good example.

How can any American emphasize to their children the importance of not using profanity when the president of the United States has a mouth like a drunken sailor? The bar has been lowered, and this nation most likely will no longer hold future leaders to high standards. Our children will suffer because of the vitriol that Trump is exposing the nation to.

Our current leader does not even try to do better when left on his own. The only time he sounds presidential is when he is reading what someone else put on the teleprompter.

The world is in shock but many Americans are happy with Donald Trump

Leaders around the world have expressed shock and even outrage at the antics of Donald Trump.

Ironically, many Americans say they are happy with the job number 45 is doing. Anti-Semitism and racism have all been documented as increasing since the current POTUS was elected and it is sad that any United States citizen is comfortable with this type of behavior. The longer this president remains in office, the more dangerous he becomes. And the standing of the United States drops in the eyes of the rest of the world.