The Associated Press just confirmed what many Americans have been noticing for a while regarding Number 45. Whenever Donald Trump is put on the spot and desires to be vague, he has a ready made answer. Every time he wants to be noncommittal his response is "We'll see."Number 45

Number 45 knows how to avoid answering questions

Donald Trump is a businessman who says he knows the art of the deal. Whenever he is confronted with a question he does not desire to answer, his response is, "We'll see." This was the reply when number 45 was asked about Steve Bannon, and three days later his assistant was out of the White House.

On Wednesday when asked if debt ceiling would be tied to relief from Hurricane Harvey, this standard reply was given.

Sam Nunberg, a former campaign aid was quoted by the Associated Press as stating that Donald Trump always says "We'll see" whenever he wants to be unpredictable and keep people guessing. On Sunday he caused an uproar at an Episcopalian church by using these two words when asked if he was going to attack North Korea. And before marrying his third wife, this was his response when asked if their nuptials would be televised. The wedding, however, did not take place in front of TV cameras.

The leader of the free world should be forth coming rather than vague and noncommittal

As the leader of the free world, Donald Trump should be forth coming and honest as much as possible.

When he is vague and noncommittal, this gives the American people the impression that he is hiding something or flat out lying. Number 45 has made a living by utilizing fake news and alternative facts. What works in the private sector, however, has not been going to go over so well, now that he is leading the nation.

Most of us realize at this point Donald Trump is not going to change.

He will continue to say "We'll see" whenever he deems it necessary and leave Americans wondering what his next move will be.Those who voted for him wanted a change, and it looks like they got it. It brings to mind the old adage of being careful what you wish for. Perhaps in the next election, U.S. citizens will remember Number 45 as being unpredictable and noncommittal and think more carefully in 2020 about who they will vote for.

If the Associated Press and many Americans can see a pattern with how our commander in chief responds to questions then so can our enemies around the world. In attempting to be vague and unpredictable, Donald Trump is actually showing himself to be the exact opposite.