A recent news report indicates that Donald Trump is only 6 Senate votes away from being impeached. Even so, his loyal supporters will never Face The Truth, which is he should never have been elected. With all the mounting evidence that he is not a leader for all Americans, there is a segment of the population who will defend him and stand by him no matter what.

Not everyone will admit the truth regarding Donald Trump no matter what

The 45th leader of the United States sided with Neo Nazi's, the KKK and White supremacists. Most Americans are expressing outrage, but some are defending Trump.

There is a segment of Trump loyalists who will remain in his corner and spin the truth to make him look good. This is because they do not want to admit to themselves, or anyone else that they were wrong.

Even though a number of Americans who were his strongest supporters have changed their minds since what happened in Charlottesville, some will never abandon Donald Trump. Not everyone can deal with being wrong, and others don't like hearing, "I told you so." There are even individuals who block the truth no matter how much evidence is produced. There are still Americans who want to believe Barack Obama is Muslim and was not born in America.

Impeachment is looming

I have read Facebook posts where Trump supporters believe the Democrats simply are mad because Hillary did not win.

These people truly stand by their theory that liberals were going to find one way or another to remove the Donald from the White House. They honestly think that there has been a conspiracy, and Number 45 was never given a chance. If the president is impeached these Americans will not entertain the slightest thought that he was found guilty of impeachable crimes.

They will stick with the conspiracy theory.

From the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump has not shown himself to be very presidential. Astute Americans were bracing themselves for the fallout, that surprised others. They see the firings and resignations from Pennsylvania Avenue as Trump keeping a campaign promise to drain the swamp.

It is sad indeed that these U.S. citizens cannot see the forest through the trees.

They are purposefully blocking out facts that indicate "The Donald" should never have been sworn in. In their minds, he is being railroaded by Democrats and Hillary sympathizers. These men and women will never face the truth, no matter how much credible evidence is brought to light. All this will be revealed once the president is impeached.