The Washington Redskins have Kirk Cousins on their roster, and they have mismanaged his salary situation since he came into the league. He is a cautionary tale for teams that do not want to pay players early on, and the league is learning that there is a discount coming when a player is signed the moment they outperform their contract. Cousins could have been given a reasonable contract a couple years ago, but the team is in complete disarray because management is not treating the players well.

Su'a Cravens

Su'a Cravens was talked out of retiring for the moment, but he may have been thinking of retiring because he did not want to have his body torn up for a team that is run this badly.

The Redskins are simply not going anywhere, and they look pitiful when they take the field. No one can blame players on the Redskins for checking out, and these players cause problems for teammates who are still putting in a lot of effort. The imbalance on the team will come back to haunt the Redskins because they do not share common goals. Certain players are interested in getting paid, but other players are trying to earn a roster spot. Players that are trying to win may be standing next to players who are only putting in half the effort, and that makes the team look sluggish.

The ownership is oddly terrible

The Redskins are managed by Dan Snyder in a way that almost seems to thumb its nose at the rest of the world.

They refuse to change their name, and the team is not willing to treat its players properly. They landed an amazing talent in Kirk Cousins who is not managed well, and they are so unpopular that they have been lambasted on the Netflix comedy "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." It is difficult for a sports franchise to be so reviled that a random comedy chooses to make fun of it for the better part of two different seasons on their show.

Jay Gruden

The loser in this situation is Jay Gruden because he was given this amazing quarterback and no help. The roster of the team does not make his job any easier, and he likely spends much of his time putting out fires with players and staff. He should be running one of the most amazing offenses in the league, but he is likely planning what he will do when Kirk Cousins signs with the 49ers in the offseason.

Gruden could get fired because the team looks bad, and none of this is his fault. He deserves another chance, and he should get it shortly if he is let go. Pray for the Reskins and this awful situation.