It is clear that President Trump is losing his patience with House Majority Leader Paul Ryan, and it is understandable why. He has done nothing but fail the President since his inauguration in January.

It is politically embarrassing that the Republicans control both Houses of Congress, but find themselves constantly outwitted by the Democrats. In a move that surprised many in both parties, President Trump sided with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the House Minority and Senate Minority Leaders respectively. He agreed with them to lift the debt ceiling until December 1st with the new fiscal year beginning in October.

Yesterday he was meant to have signed a bill, which the House of Representatives passed by 316-90, a day after the Senate passed it 80-17, that will provide victims of Hurricane Harvey with $15 billion in aid. The President even ignored advice from his own Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, as he clarified his defense of a longer-term increase.

Mr. Ryan has been outsmarted by the Democrats

Increasing the debt ceiling is not a sustainable long-term solution to solving the lingering financial crisis that started nearly a decade ago. Regardless of whether one agrees with what President Trump has done, it does not disguise that Mr. Ryan has been outsmarted by the Democrats again. This demonstrates that the House Majority Leader has become so discredited in the President's eyes that he would rather listen to his opposition instead.

Many Republicans have called on Mr. Ryan to resign. They are right, he should. The House Majority Leader has done nothing but betray his party and the President in recent times. He failed to repeal Obamacare, even though that is what he has been planning to do for seven years now. It is embarrassing that the Grand Old Party (GOP) cannot even unite behind a measure the majority of them agree on under the House Majority Leader's stewardship.

All of this provides the Democrats with plenty of ammunition

Both Mr. Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have no right to criticize the President for undermining them. President Trump tweeted that his colleagues should support his tax reform plans, which would radically alter the tax code and provide incentives for businesses to remain in the US.

The President is correct when he says it is needed now more than ever. Yet the House Majority Leader, given his recent history, will probably fail to unite his party behind this policy.

With mid-terms looming next year, all of this provides the Democrats with plenty of ammunition. Mr. Ryan should resign and allow someone competent to lead the Republicans to victory next year, before he continues to thwart the President's agenda.