If you have someone special right now, you probably feel giddy all the time. You enjoy each other's company so much that sometimes you feel like you can't breathe without the other person. It's understandable but if you go even beyond that, it's not going to be totally healthy for your relationship.

The first reason is that it's somehow close to being addicted to your partner's presence. You just can't live without the other person by your side. In the early stages of your relationship, this is a pretty common occurrence. The downside, however, is that it might even progress to being Clingy and needy all the time.

It's likely to have a negative effect on your relationship.

Second, the ideal set-up of a relationship is that you're drawn to each other because of your unique personalities. You're happy because you complement one another. It doesn't make sense to lose yourself in the relationship and imitate your partner's characteristics and behaviors. This is bound to happen if you stick to each other all the time.

To prevent this from happening, PopSugar talks about signs you need to watch out for:

You no longer spend much time with your friends

Since you've made it a habit to chain your boyfriend or girlfriend to your side, you don't have a girls' or boys' night anymore. You rarely ever see your them now and once you do, your significant other gets added to the equation and it gets awkward for your friends.

Don't be surprised if your friends start disappearing. You've got to draw the line and pay attention to your friends.

Your plans get thrown out

Do you still remember those plans about taking a cooking or painting class? Well, those went out the window. There are things that you do together as a couple and that's great but what about goals for yourself?

When are you going to start? Refocus your mindset and make those dreams happen.

Updates about where you are and what you're doing

This should be fine if it's just done once in a while. However, it sounds exhausting if it's requested in an obligatory manner. Moreover, if you or your partner are asking for reports every hour, that is almost destructive behavior.

Again, try to let yourself and your partner breathe.

Not in touch with reality, friends, and family

It gets especially frightening if you and your partner are so secluded that you don't have the drive to get in touch with anyone anymore. You've got to start learning how to engage in social activities and stay updated with what's happening around you.

We all want to feel connected with our loved ones and it's natural for us to yearn for that kind of relationship. However, it's never healthy to depend on your partner so much that you can't stand your own ground. Learn how to live with each other but enjoy life as separate individuals.