2016 was one of the strangest years in America, as citizens witnessed a deep polarization in American Society, an unmatched division among the people. Mass hysteria, chaos, aggressive propaganda, social revolt, and widespread paranoia are just some of the things we witnessed in the past year.

What does the near future hold?

2017 will end in no time too, yet things haven't really gotten any better. The media keeps attacking the POTUS mercilessly, his fan base keeps defending him using almost equally aggressive tactics. The American society is as divided as ever.

Where will this take us?

Truthfully, about the only thing that can pull the American society out of this vortex of insanity is an honest, center-leaning, left-wing political movement. A reform of the current left, if you will. But is the American Left really making an effort to change and offer the people a real alternative to right-wing populism and scare tactics?

Standing still

The left is, predictably, standing still and resisting change. Why? That is the question only they can answer. The Democratic Party keeps on insisting on washed up, corrupted bureaucrats like Hillary Clinton. She is a personification of everything wrong with the American left, an unlikable career politician with dozens of political scandals behind her.

Bernie Sanders has faded away, the Libertarian Party, much like the Green Party, is incapable of producing a coherent response to everything that's happening around us.

In the meantime, the country stands more divided than ever, corporations are taking everything over, monopolizing information in the process and making sure to feed nothing but propaganda to the public.

The public which has no choice but to remain in separate echo chambers, hoping for something to happen, without a coherent political movement to pave the way and introduce much-needed change.

Donald Trump, who used to be many peoples' last hope is slowly, but surely, settling into the White House, continuing where Obama left off and not doing much to really "drain the swamp".

It seems like corporations and lobbyists will continue to run America, seeking absolute control and steady profit, like they always have. Genuine counterculture to produce a push back to everything that's happening does not exist either. The left is letting America down, yet again, and it looks like they might have to lose another election before realizing they need to change.