In the Western world, people who are destined to be together are believed to be 'soulmates'. This is a wonderful concept, but there is an unusual but very simple and beautiful version of 'soulmates' that is widespread across Asia and is starting to gain some popularity across the world. This popular tale is associated with the Red String of fate. Brightside wrote about the Japanese version of it and it is surprisingly fascinating.

The legend says that individuals all possess a red string that originates from the heart. It extends to the pinky finger but the thread doesn't end there.

It forms an invisible string outside of the fifth finger and connects to the strings of other people. The folklore says that these are individuals who you've established a connection to. It also says that you're fated to meet these people.

It happens to everyone at some time of their life that they find themselves thinking, "I just met someone and that person is making an impact on my life." If this happens to you, you might very well have found the right person for you to enjoy a long-term relationship with. It sometimes seems that fate and intuition may indeed, play their roles in deciding who we spend the rest of our lives with. But to be practical, there are other cosiderations.

Living in a world where time is considered valuable, everyday is like a race.

It's sometimes so fraught and fast that people forget to stop and evaluate their lives and relationships. Pinkies and strings aside, sometimes unexpected things happen and you get thrown off course. Sometimes you are just blindsided and distracted until one day you open your eyes and find the right person standing in front of you.

So, how do you know if this person is the real deal? PopSugar says there are some Signs to check for to see if your Partner will be with you until the end.

They want to see you smile

Seeing you happy is your partner's goal. That's what makes them happy. They prioritize your needs more than their own and that's what makes them different from the rest.

Trust is not an issue

Loyalty becomes natural. Your partner trusts you more than anyone else and vice versa. They value your trust and they want to keep it that way. They don't want to break it because they know that they may never have it back.

You do things together

You and your partner do lots of activities together. Whether it's spending time with family and friends, your partner is always ready to participate.

They don't let fights get in the way

Whatever the fight was about, they want to make up right away. It does not even matter if it was something big or small. All they want to do is to make things right again in the relationship.

They try their best to understand you

There might be times when you get so unreasonable about every little thing. You might be surprised that no matter how bad it gets, they just stay by your side. The best part is that they are not willing to give up on you.