In relationships, it's not always pure bliss. There will be good times, but also moments when you're at each other's throats.

Communication is necessary. It helps you maintain the relationship and keep everything balanced. What happens, though, if it doesn't work? A barrier appears and the Language Of Love is compromised. That's going to hinder you and your partner and prevent you from meeting halfway -- and unfortunately, this usually ends in conflict.

When you've been a couple for a while, everything is familiar and mostly relaxed. However, there are just times that it doesn't work out so it's best to prepare yourself and your partner.

PopSugar reported that there is a new book out by Dr. Gary Chapman that talks about the language of love and how to help couples manage these issues.

Dr. Chapman is a relationship therapist and the book, "The Five Love Languages," discusses how couples can have a lasting relationship. People express love in their own unique ways and the book suggests you have to figure out which love language you're using and discuss the results with your partner. The book also emphasizes that you can show your love to the other person using methods or ways that are suitable to your partner's needs. Here are just some of the examples from the book:


It's all about appreciating your partner, giving meaning to the little things, and expressing positive feedback.

Tell her she's your sunshine. Tell her she looks beautiful. Tell her she's awesome.

Do the work

Do the tasks or chores that you find really troublesome. Clean her apartment. She's going to love that. Buy her breakfast and drop it off at her workplace. That's totally going the extra mile. Make her dinner. That's really pumping up the scale.


It doesn't matter if it's a brand new watch or just a single rose. It's the thought that counts, just as they say and it's enough to confirm that you know exactly what they like. They will be glad that you've exerted enough effort just to see their smile.

Spend time together

Sacrificing the biggest or tiniest amount of your time matters.

Your partner will surely appreciate this simple gesture. Giving them the attention that they crave makes them feel prioritized and that's just really sweet.

Get physical

This is establishing physical contact through simple actions like kissing her on the forehead, hugging her real tight, or holding hands. This gives them the impression that you want to feel connected.