Even before the top British investigatory agency, Scotland Yard, began to investigate the failed bombing attack that took place on Friday at a London train subway, President Donald Trump was taking to Twitter and blaming terrorists for the event.

"The Donald," who had time to accompany an eleven-year-old boy who was mowing the White House Lawn, blatantly implied that if Scotland Yard had been paying better attention, that the terrorist bombing would not have taken place. Trump attributed the motives of the terrorists to their mental condition as "sick and demented people," according to ABC News on Friday.

A larger travel ban

"The Donald" took advantage of the bombing attack by extolling his political agenda and stating via Twitter that, "The travel ban into the United States should be larger, tougher," according to ABC News on Friday. Trump then ended his tweet by sarcastically stating, "But stupidly, that would not be politically correct!"

A perverted PC awareness

By virtue of the aforementioned tweet, Trump is naively admitting that he is at least aware of what will and will not "fly" in the PC (politically correct) world.

If Trump is aware of what is and is not PC, then he is making a conscious choice not to be politically correct. Hence, Trump's adamant failure to be PC no longer can be blamed on his "ignorance," or on his status as a brand new, political neophyte with a pacifier in his mouth. Grass stains on his pants, perhaps, but no pacifier in the mouth anymore.

'Open mouth, insert foot'

Trump then tweeted more bravado, as he always does when he has to cover up his personal insecurities. The President started comparing himself to Barack Obama. Trump tweeted, "We have made more progress in the last nine months against ISIS than the Obama Administration has made in 8 years," according to ABC News on Friday.

"The Donald" then concluded his tweet by stating, "Must be proactive and nasty." It goes without saying that many observers would state that Trump already has accomplished the second part of that definitive statement, that is, being "nasty." That seems to come naturally to him. The first part of that statement, (being "proactive), appears to be more of a challenge for the befuddled President.

Once again, Trump has inserted his foot in his mouth. As the old adage goes, "Open mouth, insert foot." The Donald" is an expert at that task as he seems to demonstrate every time a major event hits the headlines and he takes to Twitter.

Insults Scotland Yard

As if his false bravado, insecurities and "know it all" attitude regarding Friday's attack in a crowded London subway were not enough, clueless Donald Trump had to add insulting remarks that angered both Scotland Yard and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

The President directly implied that Scotland Yard was not on the ball and that the entire incident would not have taken place at all if the infamous intelligence agency that evokes memories of the notorious, fictional spy Sherlock Holmes, had been paying attention. In his tweet, Trump stated: "These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard," according to ABC News on Friday.

May gave a decisive response to Trump's tweet.

The newly reelected Prime Minister bluntly stated, "I don't think it's helpful for anyone to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation," according to ABC News on Friday. May went on to state that the British intelligence agencies and police are investigating the incident and that they are the ones doing the "necessary work" to uncover who the culprits are in this situation.

Kim Jong-un's threat

Meanwhile, Trump is facing a threat from North Korea's despotic dictator, Kim Jong-un, to launch a nuclear attack against Japan. With much-guarded nervousness, many Americans are fearful that the President will take to Twitter again and expose more of his ignorance. As Trump himself stated, stupidity is not politically correct.