Blake Bortles is one of the best stories of the early NFL season, and the performance that he had against the Texans is a legitimate reason to believe that he can get that much better, and he will be a great addition to fantasy rosters around the country. You may not have wanted to believe that Blake Bortles is for real, but he is. He has gotten a lot better, and he will Run a lovely offense in Jacksonville that will be productive even if the team is not fantastic. Set aside all the preconceived notions that people like me have worked with, put Bortles on your fantasy roster, and pick up Leonard Fournette while you are at it.

He can throw

We have known for a while that Bortles can throw the ball, and he is more than capable of making NFL passes. He showed that against the Texans, and he has shown the league that he is much more than some guy who is on a bad team where he cannot get anything done. Blake Bortles is someone who is more than capable of making the right throws at the right times, and he has proven that he has what it takes to become the leader of this offense. The Jaguars have sputtered for a couple years, but they seem to have a turned a corner with this guy. He is definitely good enough to run this offense, and he is going to keep giving good performances because he appears to finally be comfortable with this team.

Leading the team should be simpler for him

Blake Bortles appears to have had that moment when the game has slowed down for him. He can be much better in the future simply because he is not scrambling around and trying to get the best results without a plan. He will play much better because of the way that he has prepared for this season, and he will continue to dazzle us because he has an offense that appears to be his and his alone.

He is very good at what he does, and he will continue to be better than most because he will give the Jaguars a reason to give him more responsibility. He can give the team amazing results, and he can show them every Week that they can move the ball more aggressively. It is far easier for him to do this now, and it will add to his confidence every week that he does something amazing.

Are they for real?

The Jaguars are not for real yet because they are simply not as good as other teams that they are competing with for playoff spots. They are not as good as the Titans, and they are not as strong as a team such as the Chiefs who could get a wild card spot. We can use Blake in fantasy, but he is not perfect yet.