The Texans have five guys in the concussion protocol, and we should be very concerned with their roster because they have been more banged up than anyone can remember a team being at any time. This team has been so hurt that it is hard to imagine them getting better because they are in such a quagmire with Hurricane Harvey and relief efforts, and they have lost their starting quarterback after just one half. They put in Deshaun Watson for Tom Savage, and they have created a lot of problems for themselves on top of these injuries.

All that time spent

The Texans spent a lot of time working with Tom Savage so that he could start the season, and he only lasted for one half. They may have realized that he was not the right guy for them, but it is impossible to imagine spending all that time, starting the guy, and pulling him after one half. The team must have been shocked even if they wanted to have Watson in the game, and it is wise to remember that The Texans now must start over on offense. They are missing all those players because of concussions, and they are missing morale because of how their quarterback battle ended. A guy who has been named a starter might be very scared to go out on the practice field if he thinks that he can be yanked or cut after one bad half, and we do not know how this team will respond to this problem.

Injuries ruin the season

Injuries have ruined the season for them because they may not have all of them come back fast enough to help them win games. The Texans were supposed to be competing for their division crown, but it looks like the Jags and Titans will have to settle that among themselves. These two teams will jump past the Texans because the Texans do not have enough pieces.

They are just too hurt, and they are not ready to make a push to win their division.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has been a problem for the city of Houston the likes of which we have never seen. The Texans players have had to deal with saving their families, and all that distraction might have made them more susceptible to injury.

It is sad to think about this team being in such a bad position because the City Of Houston is completely flooded right now. We need to be sure to think of Houston, send them help, and do anything we can to help people recover after this level of devastation.

Recovering fast

The Houston staff probably wants to recover as fast as possible, but all these obstacles may have ended their season before it began.