TJ Ward has been cut by the Broncos for a relatively low cap number, and I have to wonder if he is a cap casualty or part of some larger plan with the Broncos. I can see a scene in which the Broncos will quietly get rid of anyone who is not a major piece to the puzzle, replace them with younger talent, and build around Trevor Siemian. They have clearly made their choice with Trevor Siemian, and he could turn out to be a good player. It is a nice theory if you think they need a couple years to get it together.

He has been hurt

You can lose your job due to injury in the NFL, and Ward has been hurt of late.

I do not know if that is the reason he was cut, but I know that it could be the reason. Anyone who is seen as old and frail will be dropped to leave room for my alleged rebuild. It would make sense because you can sign two guys for the price of one. Younger players with more potential will be given a chance to prove themselves, and the roster could be turned over in a couple seasons.

They have the goodwill to do it

The Broncos have the goodwill of the public to start a quiet rebuild around a quarterback basically no one has heard of. They recently won the Super Bowl, and everyone in Denver knew that Peyton Manning would retire after that Super Bowl win. The city has been preparing for this, and they are sitting in the midst of it.

It helps that the team is run by John Elway, and that ensures that all the people of Denver will go along with just about anything he asks them to do.

We trust Elway like Belichick

If John Elway wanted to trade me someone, I would never do it. I would be so terribly afraid that he knew something that I did not. He has been that good at running the Broncos, and I would not want to bet against him.

Anything I gave him in a trade would feel like too much because he was taking something from me that I needed. I would be even more intrigued if he called asking about someone. I would never trade that player, and I would want to know what potential he saw in that guy.

Where does the rebuild stop?

I think the Broncos are in a place where Demarcus Ware and Bebe Thomas are safe.

They could start trading or move everyone around them to build the right roster. I am sure they are happy with many other players, but this feels like a team that is planning to have a few cornerstones that they do not overpay, a ton of guys in the middle, and late pickups that they need. That is much like what the Patriots do, and it seems to be working for them just fine. At the least, it is a plan.