Last week, lifestyle and fashion YouTuber, Estee Lalonde, published an unexpected political video about Brexit. It was met with much positive feedback from fans hungry for substantial content. In her latest video, “Should we be Worried About North Korea?” Lalonde takes a break from beauty and doesn’t disappoint.

Lalonde uses her large platform to create substantial content

Lalonde openly admits to her more than one million subscribers that she’s ignorant when it comes to politics. So, to help her out, her history-savvy boyfriend, Aslan Ryskali, shares the screen and impresses with his knowledge.

It’s a video that answers Lalonde’s questions surrounding North Korea. But undoubtedly it also helps to explain the worsening situation to many young women like Lalonde.

Lalonde and boyfriend lay out the basics about North Korea

Ryskali sets a foundation by clearly explaining how North Korea developed into and continues to exist as a communist regime, supported first by the Soviet Union, and now, with the help of China. Whereas the Soviet Union furnished North Korea with nuclear information and capabilities, China offers humbler supplies in the form of petrol, food and yes, even cognac.

Viewers come to understand the strategic position of North Korea, as it’s what separates a potentially-dangerous American ally, South Korea, from China’s mainland.

And how does North Korea continue to be such a stalwart, communist state?

Propaganda and brainwashing keeps North Koreans under regime control

It should come as no surprise that propaganda and brainwashing are what keep millions of North Koreans in compliance with their leader. What’s more, it’s what is used to explain their living conditions.

Not only are they led to believe that their leader is the one and only hope for their country, but the propaganda also paints Americans as “imperialistic pigs” who are responsible for North Korea’s hardships. It is the Americans, they’re told, who are behind stricter sanctions.

A helpful video for people who aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to North Korea

Lalonde’s relevant video aims to set the record straight for people who are jumping on the political bandwagon a little bit late. And while this informative and edifying video helps Americans understand the current political tension surrounding North Korea, this 30-minute briefing also raises another point that most headlines aren’t covering.

North Koreans are powerless “pawns”

A topic that emerged again and again throughout Lalonde and Ryskali’s conversation is the North Koreans and their oppression under the current leader. As Ryskali put it, North Koreans are mere “pawns” in a political game, and they are certainly getting lost in the potentially-fatal shuffle.

It’s nearly impossible for Americans – or individuals from any number of countries – to come to terms with the conditions North Koreans face. Under Kim Jong-un, these people are not allowed to travel throughout their country freely. They might seem reasonable, but they’re not even permitted to choose a haircut for themselves. They must choose this, as well as everything else, from a government-approved list.

If we can look past the headlines to the actual country involved in this international quagmire, might we begin to see the forgotten North Koreans? Do they want to be thought of? Do they want their leader to launch nuclear missiles? Do they even know about them? On the other hand, do I, as an American, approach this topic with too little objectivity, thanks to the influence of America’s media and its portrayal of North Korea?