In a recent interview with Marie Forleo, researcher and bestselling author, Brene Brown said that in order to heal our racially divided nation, there should be no room for dehumanizing language. Irrespective of who you’re criticizing, dehumanizing language is never tolerable. In the same way, Bullying should have no place in American culture, whether it’s directed toward children of color, white children, or children in the White House.

Are hate crimes propelled by the bullying mindset?

New Hampshire residents and citizens throughout the United States are in outrage at the August crime committing by teenagers against an 8-year old, bi-racial boy.

He was pushed off a table, with a rope tied around his neck. We now live in a country where children can be lynched by teenagers.

But perhaps that’s not so surprising when you consider that adults bully children online. Therefore, it is crucial that Americans stay alert and actively fight against racism in all its forms. This means that no one should be on the receiving end of racially-driven bullying. This is challenging in today’s politically and racially explosive climate, but let us hope that Americans are up for the challenge.

First Son, Barron Trump, is a victim of bullying

Barron has already been attacked by news articles and social media content, criticizing his clothing. High profile women, including former First Daughter, Chelsea Clinton, and former White House employee, Monica Lewinsky, spoke out against this bullying.

Some may balk at this call to stop childhood bullying when it comes to Barron Trump. After all, he is Donald Trump’s son. But for that very reason, he is perhaps just as susceptible to the hate usually reserved for children and adults of color.

Does the son of a white supremacist deserve to be bullied?

One could argue that Barron is, after all, the son of a white supremacist.

Or, at least he’s the son of a president who is incredibly lenient when it comes to white supremacy. However, children living in the White House should not be attacked and criticized because of their father’s political and personal actions.

The same Americans who criticize Barron Trump do not distance themselves from people who mock and bully people of color.

Bullying of any kind and towards any person, is an immediate unifier, joining people together in cruelty and hate. And it is this same hate that is tearing through the United States, whether it’s directed at blacks or whites, adults or children.

You don’t need Barron for anti-Trump material

If you oppose Donald Trump, his twitter feed alone leaves America with an abundance of material worth criticizing and fighting over. The shirt Barron wore, or the school Barron attends shouldn’t be used to fuel more hate toward Trump.

Unfortunately, the hate felt toward Trump is being transferred to an easy target, Barron, and it’s worrisome. Once President Trump leaves the White House, Barron will continue to face bullying and perhaps much more dangerous actions.