Do you ever think that Donald Trump doesn’t have the potential to do well in office? Think again if you can. Well, he does have a tendency to open his mouth without thinking twice and has embarrassed himself on certain occasions, still, he might be the best to take some head strong decisions for the country when needed. He is the one person who would never put the honour of the States in harm’s way, whatever the situations may be.

Here are some of the reasons why Trump is the best choice for the United States.

He has his priorities straight

He has greatly emphasized his beliefs in free enterprise and a strong military.

He has already started on his objectives of making the USA a superpower in terms of military, the Navy and Air Force has organized varied training for Army personnel. He is trying to maintain peaceful and good diplomatic relations with all the important nations and has thereby proved to be an effective leader. His acumen for success and ability to get things done are one of the major reasons of defining him as the best choice.

He is headstrong and speaks the truth

Though Trump may not be always politically correct, he never refrains from speaking the truth. He is headstrong and carries a certain voice in his opinion. He faces every issue bravely and is capable of thinking of an innovative solution.

He also has a great level of transparency, thus making the people have faith in him and this proves to be another great quality of a great politician.

Increased employment opportunities

Though reducing the number of H1B visas might have been received horribly in the USA, it has helped bring down the level of unemployment in the USA.

Large corporations have brought in a bunch of workforce from the developing or underdeveloped countries in hopes of providing them with a better way of life and getting a workforce at cheaper costs. This caused wide unrest among the locals who were unable to get a job. Trump has clearly checked the issue and has imposed several bans for an effective overall work environment and also increasing employment of the Americans.

Saved billions on Climate Change Policy

For decades, America has been investing heavily in the global climate policy. This has had a heavy toll on America’s economy and its growth. So Trump’s decision to back out of the Paris Summit was based on not to lay waste to any more of American dollars and using it for their own development and progress and improving the standard of living of the citizens. The climate reversal policy was I itself a huge benefit to the America’s economy and a bright example of Trump’s financial strengths.

Stand against terrorism

Ever since Donald Trump has become the President of the United States, he has worked relentlessly towards the extinction of terrorism. He has made several pacts with countries worldwide to curb global terrorism and has posed a threat to their existence. He is one of the few persons who is actually trying to make a difference and make America and the world as a whole a better and safer place to live.