In an unusual and unexpected break from her usual videos, which tend to feature style trend, fast-fashion pieces, high-end cosmetics and a luxury lifestyle, Estee Lalonde sat down for a lengthy discussion about Brexit in her latest video, “Breaking Down Brexit.”

Lalonde shows it’s never too late to get into politics

Like most millennials, she’s ignorant about politics but has a growing interest in them. Usually, subscribers find it hard to relate to her lifestyle, but when it comes to politics, Lalonde’s honest approach is an immediate and unifying factor for many of her followers.

Canadian-born Lalonde helps others enter into the “vast” world of politics

Lalonde hails from Ontario, Canada, but now resides in London, England, where she’s made a very successful business for herself as a YouTuber. But she’s not just another fashion-obsessed starlet. She makes it very clear that her boyfriend, Aslan loves current affairs, and that she wants to love them, too. The only, but very real, problem is that she doesn’t feel like she has anything to add to the conversation.

As she openly shares, “It is very hard for someone to get into politics and current affairs because it’s just so vast and you don’t know where to start.” Without a doubt, there are countless women who feel the same way as Lalonde.

So, she and her politically-inclined beau approach Brexit in a way that’s edifying not only for Lalonde but for others who find themselves in the same predicament. It’s the perfect YouTube video for people who aren’t used to the subject, who don’t know much about the subject, and who need to get to the foundations to understand the very basics of Brexit.

What follows is an almost hour-long video, where viewers watch a podcast-style discussion, that’s both casual and yet very informative.

Lalonde and boyfriend break down Brexit basics

You’ll learn what “Brexit,” “EEC” and “EU” means, which at first glance, might seem like an enormous oversimplification. But these basic definitions help viewers understand the implications of Brexit throughout the EU and US alike.

Furthermore, young Americans adults, who likely are ignorant of the British government, have an opportunity to learn about significant political figures, various parties and their respective agendas, parliament procedures and more. Furthermore, parties and politicians are contextualized alongside other leaders, such as Donald Trump, to create relevance for non-UK viewers.

Brexit has implications for non-UK citizens

Their conversation, though centered around UK’s current political situation, is relevant to citizens of other countries, too. Lalonde is Canadian, and her boyfriend Aslan, though a UK citizen, immigrated from Kazakhstan to Great Britain as a child. In the wake of many negative consequences to immigrants, these two London residents make it clear that they, like many others, are invested in UK’s position within the European Union.

Brexit brings political apathy to the foreground

In their discussion, Lalonde and her boyfriend remind viewers that many young, UK voters didn’t vote. And some of those who didn’t fully understand what they were voting for. This is a mutual problem throughout the United States as well. Therefore, this video pushes young people to first get informed before they take a political position because their votes do matter.