Usually, the news is a relentless stream of negativity. Aside from the facts, which in and of themselves are rather grim, the commentary can be quite destructive and biased. That’s all changed in these last several days. Rather than having negative news, it’s become downright terrifying.

Should people begin to worry about the planet?

Three record hurricanes, Harvey, Irma and Jose, are relentlessly churning toward North America where millions of individuals are seeking coverage and safety. Just across the Panama, Mexicans are waking up to the aftermath of an 8.2 magnitude earthquake.

According to Bloomberg, this is the strongest quake to hit Mexico in a century.

This time of year is always hurricane season, but with three storms and a powerful earthquake hitting the scene, all within a week of one another – not to mention last month’s solar eclipse – one has to ask: is something awry?

As in all other cases of news reporting, there are speculations about who’s to blame. And while that makes for gripping headlines and increased site traffic, perhaps it really is time to buckle down and ask how humanity, at large, is responsible for Mother Nature’s fury.

Are people attracting natural disaster?

In no way is this article intending to blame individuals for what is occurring throughout the North and Central American regions.

But proponents of the Law of Attraction, which states that what you focus on is what comes to you, might argue that these catastrophic events are increasing and worsening because of our continued focus on negativity and destruction.

Consider that blockbuster movies such as “The Day After Tomorrow,” “The Impossible,” “The Perfect Storm,” and “Into the Storm.” They all revolve around what we’re very near to experiencing.

We pay for these cinematic experiences. Is there a connection between our fascination with staged loss and real loss?

Benign lifestyle choices have potentially powerful impact

The Law of Attraction may seem a bit woo-woo for some, and therefore, not something we can put too much faith in at this point. This is both reasonable and understandable.

However, it may be harder to deny other possibilities that factor into what we’re witnessing.

Consider two industries that have completely monopolized the lifestyles of millions of individuals: the fashion industry and the meat industry. Between the two, there’s been a massive increase in fossil fuel usage, deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, water poisoning, pesticide usage, and non-recyclable goods.

In fact, the clothing industry is only second to the oil industry when it comes to pollution output. Is it too much to suggest that our daily lifestyle choices, over the last several decades, have helped the earth create its own set of destructive products?

It’s difficult to know how we can move forward from here. Mother Nature’s power is indisputable. Perhaps people have forgotten how powerful their own seemingly inconsequential lifestyle decisions can be, too.