Antonio Brown is one of the best receivers in the NFL, and he has ensured that the Pittsburgh Steelers have an offensive threat that everyone has to watch out for. He will give you fantasy football points every week, and you must have a look at LeVeon Bell even though he had a terrible day on Sunday. The Browns were much tougher than the Steelers could have thought, but the Steelers could give you more help in your fantasy league in the future. It is much easier for you to plan your weekly fantasy team if you have considered the Steelers and their brilliant offense.

Brown is too good to fail

Antonio Brown is so good that you cannot fail with him on your fantasy football team. You must imagine how good he can be when the kinks have been worked out of their offense. The Pittsburgh staff needs to ensure that they can give LeVeon Bell more chances to gain yardage, and they must ensure that they have balanced their offense because it is impossible to have a successful season if Bell is that bad. Brown is also too good to fail, and he must be targeted many times during each game to ensure that he can power the offense downfield.

The Steelers got surprised

The Browns surprised the Steelers, and they caused more than enough problems that Big Ben could not catch up.

Ben was very good today after he got settled, but the Steelers have to score more points overall because they have to be competitive every week. They cannot squeak by every week and hope to have a good season, and they cannot feel as though they are simply good enough to skate into the playoffs. The Steelers have been the odds on favorites to win the AFC North, and they may have been exposed just a little bit by an improved Cleveland defense.

The Browns are better than you think

The Browns are much better than the Steelers thought, and the Steelers should not have looked them over. It is very hard for the Steelers to have a successful season when they are not playing well against the Browns and allowing LeVeon Bell to run the ball so little. It is very difficult to imagine the Steelers being this bad for the future, but they could turn out to be a little bit stumped on offense.

Big Ben only has a couple of years left, and he must be given every opportunity to win one more Super Bowl. A game like today is simply not good enough for him as a player or a team leader.

I would choose Antonio Brown many times over to play weekly fantasy football, but we should have another look at LeVeon Bell before choosing him next week.