The giants and the Cowboys are playing Sunday night, and they will both have many fantasy winners that you must try this season. You may happen across a number of different options that will be pleasing to you, and you should have a look at the stat line at the end of the game as you make your choices for week two. The Giants have an offense that must score via the pass, and the Cowboys have every weapon you could ever want.

How about the Giants' offensive line?

The Giants' offensive line is not very good, but they could get better. We are not picking an offensive line for a fantasy team, but we are hoping that Eli Manning will not be broken in half.

Eli cannot be effective if he is not protected properly, and he cannot pass if he is spending all his time avoiding sacks. The Giants must expect that the offensive line will not get any better because they have seen the product that they have put on the field. The Giants cannot improve as an offense because we know for a fact that they chose the wrong offensive lineman in the first round. They should not sit around expecting things to get better, and they should not be allowed to keep Eric Flowers on the team if he is going to get embarassed every week.

Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott is one of the best running backs in the league, and he is coming off a very sticky situation with his suspension and the restraining order that he was given by the courts.

He has stopped the NFL from suspending him, but many are wondering if that situation will be resolved before or after the season. There are a number of people who think that he can play the whole season, and there are many more who are afraid that the issue could magically arise when the Cowboys are in the playoffs.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell could play or not play in the beginning of the season and it will not matter much. The season is very long, and Odell has plenty of time to play and perform. You must watch this guy every week, and you will notice that he is on and off the injury report. He likes the drama of playing through injuries, and he could get hurt more often because of how he plays the game.

It is much smarter for you to do your research before you put Odell on your roster every week because he is playing for a very big contract. He could start this week and miss out next week. Be careful with this choice, and ensure that the offensive players on your squad have been chosen properly.

Selecting your fantasy winners from the Cowboys and Giants is easier than you think.