Mike McCoy is the new offensive coordinator in Denver, but he is facing his old team in the Chargers. It is said that he is releasing a new offense on the Chargers when he starts Trevor Siemian, and it remains to be seen if the Broncos can score this season. He can change the offense all he wants, but he cannot change the talent that Trevor Siemian has. We must consider for a moment what happens when a coordinator tries to drop an offense on a quarterback who is not an all-time great.

He failed in San Diego

McCoy did not live up to expectations in San Diego, and that would cause most football fans to pause when he goes to the Broncos to coach their offense.

McCoy had Philip Rivers in San Diego, and they could not get over the hump. In fact, many of their seasons were just not very good. Those teams were underwhelming, and he lost his job. He came to Denver perhaps to fix the offense, but it is hard to fix an offense that is run by someone who is questionable as an NFL starter.

Trevor Siemian is a question mark

Trevor Siemian is a Question Mark at quarterback that we cannot avoid because he is not the worldbeater that we were expecting when John Elway allowed him to be the starter for two seasons in a row. We have this romantic image of what John Elway is, and we believe that he is the finest talent evaluator in the world. That is not the case. He is very good at running the Broncos, and he has found many pieces to fill out the roster over the years.

He has been very skilled over the course of time in building their defense, but he has not found the star quarterback who could hope to replace him. Peyton Manning was a free agent signing. That was dumb luck because the Colts moved on and drafted Andrew Luck.

It takes times

The Broncos may need all season to make a change to their offense that is worth making.

They may need time to learn how Siemian will run this offense, and they must ensure that they are remaining patient with him because he cannot work miracles every week. He is not an automatic Hall of Famer in this offense, but he could improve. If we see improvement, then we are on the right track. If Siemian does not improve, the Broncos need to make a change.

The Broncos are behind their division

The AFC West is very hard to call because the Chiefs were so good against the Patriots to start the season. The Raiders will likely win the division, and the Broncos will be stuck behind these two teams. They need to make gradual progress to mirror their divisional foes.