Rick and Morty is one of the to animated shows right now. Show-creators Jack Roiland and Dan Harmon debuted “Rick and Morty” back in 2013. It didn’t take long for the show to become a pop culture phenomenon. One of the main reasons why it managed to be such a hit among the fans is due to its comical nature. The show’s tendency to address important, serious, subjects in a funny way, is something that most TV shows lack these days, points out Pop Dust.

“Rick and Morty” Season 3 will conclude on October 1. The cartoon series has already been confirmed for Season 4, which has put a lot of the fans at ease.

With three seasons nearly completed, a lot of new characters, imaginative locations, and other factors have been introduced by Harmon and Roiland.

The introduction

The “Rick and Morty” Season 1 Pilot Episode may not be as grand as the rest that followed, but it holds importance as it introduces the viewers to Rick’s universe. An important moment is when Morty is being introduced into Rick’s multi-verse. The pilot ended up finding a lot of success with the viewers, ultimately helping lead to what is now three additional seasons.

Morty’s speech to Summer

In one of the episodes, Summer ends up receiving the brunt of Morty’s villainous avatar. During the episode, Morty bursts out into a series of taunts – all of which are aimed towards his sister.

This forms a long speech that the internet still hasn’t forgotten.

The dark side of 'Rick and Morty'

“Rick and Morty” is known to include dark humor. But how dark can it really get? In one of the episodes, the characters are seen exploring a resort. Herein, the viewers witness an alien boy shooting at his sister for fun. The first few times, the sister gets up and begins running again.

The last time this happens, however, the sister doesn’t get up – thereby, presuming she has died. Before the viewers have the time to absorb the intensity of its darkness, a comedy scene follows. This is undoubtedly the “Rick and Morty” encompassing experience.

When Mr. Meeseeks entered

In Season 3, Rick is seen giving his family access to one of his creations.

It is discovered that upon clicking a button, “Mr. Meeseeks,” is created. These are meant to motivate the characters toward reaching their short-term goals. Small, minimal tasks have been given a whole new meaning through this.

"Rick and Morty" Season 4 has already been approved, even though a release date hasn't been set yet. It seems that the cancellation rumors may have been exaggerated.