We are only now speculating on the time prior to human existence. The sliver of time within which human beings have been present on the planet is tiny. Despite our apocalyptic tendencies, we rarely note the almost boring regularity of time and space. We would all do better to sit back and cogitate. Maybe that will give us the convictions about the life we will need to get through this fateful century.

Without some common universal values, we all accept, we will be toast. We are seeing the precise dangers of valueless governance in dictatorial efforts around the world including the US.

Our time has been short but so is life

One reason we are anxious is that we are not here for very long. We die and are forgotten. In the sweep of time, even those whose names are universally known are lost. It is no wonder life’s continuity is a growing concern. Even with religion fading due to insularity, speculation about our destiny is universal.

Supercomputers must work for us not against us

When supposing yields only vague hopes, living remains an end in itself. Science has moved at what seems to be a breakneck clip. The growth of knowledge has become exponential. We are nearing a point when no old theory of how things should be will hold.

How things are will be determined by how they become.

At best we will be guides.

Our role in the next centuries

The best way to understand now is to see the only way we can actually determine the future. The important markers for the future are not this or that development.

Nor this or that invention. The markers for the future must become the values we decide to apply to everything that is done. We can only direct things by ensuring their likely effects.

Values must guide our decisions

Tolerance, helpfulness and, democracy are the three values or rules that can work together to ensure more positives than negatives in the immense changes that are on track.

Tolerance insists things be both flexible and strong. We must replace our fixed buildings with what is strong yet moveable. We must make safety more important than a right of way. We must create a supple world that masters space and time.

Helpfulness must guide our broken economy toward universal education and enablement. Learning will be free and tied to interest, not age. Commerce will enable and enhance instead of creating social hierarchies and barriers.

Democracy will become rights for all. We will have free movement. We will end a broken justice system. Democracy will evolve and eventually embrace all people.. Democracy will also become a personal charter of self-rule.

Good will be honored

Values are the good elephant in the room of today’s nominalist and relativist madhouse. Universal Values must rest on a bed where good is recognized as the end of life. The bed upon which universal values rest must honor only what does no harm.