The proposed US-Mexico Border Wall that will pass through San Diego would harm the environment and wildlife in the region because it has wetlands, streams, and habitats of wildlife, some of which belong to the endangered species list, which is a matter of concern.

However, the Department of Homeland Security has a different opinion. It is empowered by Congress to waive off requirements that cover a wide range of subjects like the environment, natural resource, and land management and it plans to make use of this power to issue a waiver that will bypass environmental regulations.

Work can now commence

San Diego Union Tribune reports that, in view of the waiver, work on building the US-Mexico border wall can begin by November at the earliest. The Trump administration has not yet finalized any specific time frame but preparatory work could be taken up by the respective groups. The site for construction of a prototype has been identified by the Homeland Security in East Tijuana in San Diego. It is a mixed-use industrial and low-income residential area and the waiver for the environment will have a limited application that will extend up to a specified distance from the Pacific Ocean.

Specifications for the wall have already been decided. Its height must be 30 feet, no one should be able to climb it and it must go down to a depth of at least 6 feet.

It may not be possible to start work at the construction site before November because certain procedural issues are to be resolved first.

The fate of the wall

It is necessary to first build the prototypes of the US-Mexico border wall, and this activity has already been delayed until November. The Customs and Border Protection has drawn up plans to spend an amount of around $20 million on four to eight prototypes in San Diego.

Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll at the end of July on 1000 likely voters, which revealed that the majority of voters (more than 50 percent) do not see eye to eye with the Republican leadership on this issue. They feel there is no need for the wall, while less than 40 percent feel otherwise.

The primary purpose of the border wall according to Homeland Security was to stop illegal immigration and was a keystone of the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

An amount of $1.6 billion is approved by the House and it includes $251 million for 14 miles of secondary fencing in San Diego. However, the funds that would be required for the complete wall would be several times more and this has to be allocated as well.

President Donald Trump had said Mexico would pay for the wall but there is no confirmation on whether they have agreed. Moreover, reports in the media indicate that the number of illegal immigrants trying to enter the US has dropped considerably. Under the circumstances, the requirement could be reexamined on the necessity of building a wall to prevent illegal entry of a handful of immigrants. The cost can run into the billions of dollars and could have an adverse effect on the environment and wildlife.