Since gaining the majority in the House of Representatives back in 2011, Republicans have made 233 legislative attempts to dismantle the Endangered Species Act. They have also introduced 135 legislative amendments designed to reduce the protections given by the Act. These actions directly contradict the will of the American people, as 90% of Americans support the Endangered Species Act. (Statistics taken from a national poll in 2015.) Senate Republicans are holding a hearing today to discuss the best way to repeal the Act, which was put in place by President Richard Nixon in 1973.

Attacking the act

With the current administration headed by President Trump, Republicans are closer than ever to repealing the Endangered Species Act entirely. Their goal is to abolish the protections put in place that restrict drilling, mining, and land development in certain habitats. The Act was unanimously voted on in 1973 and signed by President Nixon in order to save the American Bald Eagle from extinction. Since then, it has managed to save 99% off all listed endangered species from extinction as well. It is estimated that 227 species would have gone extinct by 2006 if this act had not been put in place. With Exxon Mobil executives and climate change deniers making up Trump's current administration, there is no doubt that these attempts to dismantle the Act are for personal financial gains.

How to get involved

The vast majority of Americans support the Endangered Species Act. On April 29th, the People Climate March is set to take place across the world. The goal of the March is to bring climate change matters and science back to the forefront. Inspired by the massive success of the Women's March on Washington, the People's Climate Movement hopes to bring everyone together in an attempt to stop Trump from making potentially disastrous decisions concerning our planet.

In his first few weeks as President, Trump has targeted the National Parks Service and the Environmental Protection Agency by cutting grants, replacing department heads, and even issuing gag orders. It is unclear whether or not Trump will listen to the 90% of Americans who believe that conservation is crucial to the survival of our planet.