In Maharashtra State Assembly, Waris Pathan of AIMIM and Abu Azmi of Samajwadi Party taunted and misbehaved by BJP and Shiv Sena leaders on Vande Mataram on Friday. This is not the first time that Muslims are harassed on this particular issue. Vande Mataram is national song of the country and has been disputed from its beginning. Actually, there are some objectionable words in the song and a Muslim cannot recite them.

A deliberate imposition of certain faith

Actually, a fresh argument erupted after the decision of Madras High Court on Vande Matram where the court made it compulsory in schools and offices to be sung at least once a week.

No one is discussing on the other part of the decision where the court has ordered the song to be translated in other regional languages. As it has been a disputed issue from the day one, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had made it translated in Urdu for Muslims and there is nothing objectionable in the translated version.

The fresh decision of the court has come after a petition filed by a man who was rejected in a competitive examination as he answered Vande Matram in Bengali language and the examiner was a non-Bengali speaker. The court considered his answer correct and ordered to retain his candidature. But the Hindu fanatics are not considering the other versions of the national song rigidly.

They want to impose the specific words that are barred in the Islamic faith.

Earlier in 2016, the Supreme Court of India had made national anthem mandatory in cinema halls. That decision is still a matter of debate among many sections of the society. If courts think that nationalism and patriotism can be inculcated by forcing or imposing something on citizens, then it is a question to be answered by different sections of the society and an issue to be debated widely considering every religion, cast and creed of the nation.

Background of the national song

Not only the song but the writer of the song Bankim Candra Chatterjee himself has been disputed among two major communities. At this time he is considered the biggest nationalist but at that time when he was living, was considered a stooge of British and so was appointed directly to the post of Deputy Magistrate in the year 1858, the first Indian to be appointed to such a post immediately after 1857.

Just like RSS members, they are the biggest supporter of British at the time of freedom struggle and the biggest nationalist at this time. Anything can be done by the power given by the people, the process of rewriting the history is being in progress, till this time, Akbar is defeated by Maharana Pratap, in near future, the Taj Mahal will be built by Tejomal. It is deliberately going under government inspection.

When nationality and patriotism will be judged by some stanzas of a poem or some specific words, then a fresh song should be written considering all communities, cast and creed in a country where many religions deserve their rights.