TIME is one of my favorite subjects as we are all creatures of it, bound by it, and living -- all -- in the now. There are times when trump seems to be a creature of the now, which in my book is a good place for one to live. But then I think of MAGA -- the acronym for Make America Great Again. Then he looks like someone who wants to roll back the clock which is never possible, even on a watch.

The items in this installment of End Game are all signs related to Trump's unsuitability to remain in office. And all of them have some relationship to time, Particularly with the one which starts us off.


When you consider that anyone of any party with a grain of objectivity could have told Trump that his health care fiasco was not worth the weeks that went into its time in Congress, you have to wonder. Would Trump's agenda otherwise have sailed through? The answer is no and this was also predictable. The Congress has little time to act now and will not pass Trump's tax ideas ever. But that is not the way media work.

So Trump can play make believe and suggest that he will accomplish great things. And the media can play along. And we can watch the GOP stumble through its mandatory tasks as the Trump agenda suffers its predictable demise.

A sign of hope already fading?

You knew a few senators on both sides would try to talk and create a way forward for the health care that Trump is continuing to wreck. The predictions are shaky because no one knows at what point, if anything, the suffering will hit the red states.

Then there is the question whether anger will implicate or exonerate Trump.

But the reason I am afraid that bipartisanship may be impossible is the amount of hubris the GOP manifested in its opposition to Obamacare. The public was conned into believing GOP lies. Now the whirlwind.

Donald Trump will have none of this. He is already committed to holding a guillotine over Obamacare by the simple act of refusing to fund key subsidies as required by law.

If insurance has to take up the slack, premiums will rise. It is hard to believe the electorate will not exact some payment.

This will all come down during the three-month window I have set as the time of Trump's end game. Look to October.

Some final signs

In addition to this damning bit of supposition, I have a much worse item related to Trump's own original fake news operation. Stay tuned. I see Trump's departure as a time-sensitive event. It happens soon or not at all. Then reckon with a likely dictatorship. This is the argument of my End Game articles.