The Angels traded with the Tigers for Justin Upton. That alone is not really a story. I think we are wondering why the Angels would do such a thing knowing that they have almost no chance to get past the Astros. They also have no chance against the Red Sox or the Indians. So, you made a trade for an older player that will only benefit you if you trade him again for value. Why would you do this?

That darn 2002 World Series

The Angels won the 2002 World Series in dramatic fashion, and I remember watching every game. The only sport my wife likes is baseball, and we watched the heck out of it.

It was wonderful to see, and I really respect Mike Sciosia. That was a lovely feat, but it set this team up for high expectations forever. They are on a pedestal they should not be on. I remember when they signed Albert Piujols. I ran downstairs to tell my co-workers, and we all gasped in amazement. Mike Trout should have been the MVP and the rookie of the year. The team has had brilliant young pitchers, and they have a good manager. However, we expect them to be perfect for absolutely no reason. Do you remember those Yankees and Red Sox teams? You expected the Angels to beat those teams? Why?

We romanticized them

We had all those lovely thoughts about the Angels, and we got all wrapped up in what we thought the Angels could be.

We fell in love with them too fast, and made them into something that they are not. We made the Angels into our dream girl, and she let us down. No one can live up to that kind of expectation, and now they are being crushed under the weight of Albert Pujols' contract, not ruining Mike Trout, and not firing Mike Sciosia.

We need to be realistic

The Angels have been good without being great. They can trade for someone like Justin Upton, but it will do nothing for them. I expect everyone in the American League to get crushed by the Astros. I expect Terry Francona to ruin it for someone because he is a smarter manager. I expect Aaron Judge to go on a tear in the playoffs.

I do not expect the Angels to go on a run because they are not built to do so. They are built to hang on by a thread, grease the fans, and fall apart in the playoffs or the end of the season.

It is not happening

It is not happening because the Angels are not ready to complete with teams that pitch better and score better. They need a philosophy change, and they need to get a little bit younger. Signing big bats will not work. They need more David Ecksteins who will give them 110%.