Tiger Woods cannot come back to his strongest form ever again. I feel like this is a reality that we all need to accept. The shame is that he was a fantastic golfer who was so mentally tough that no one could crack him. He was constantly, and he was in complete control of the game. However, he broke down at the wrong time, and he got chased down the street with one of his golf clubs. Whatever it was, he lost that magic. Then he hurt his back, and here we are.

I remember the chase

I took my kids to Disney World when my wife was out of the country, and I remember walking through the park and hearing this woman ask her friend if she heard about Tiger Woods.

I immediately opened my phone and went to the Internet. The video was right there, and they were covering his crashed car. I was not that far away from him, and I was struck by how his career changed in an instant. Yes, I will always remember where I was when Tiger Woods got caught with his pants down.

I remember the US Open

He beat Rocco Mediate with one bad leg at the US Open, and I remember him being so good even though we all knew that something was wrong with him. He was brilliant, and he was so tough that he played through what must have been a hard injury for a golfer. He was able to win that US Open and I remember that the US Open gave us an idea that he would eek out all 18 of those majors that he needed.

He got stuck at 14, and it has been a long time since we saw Tiger in his glory days.

14 is it

Tiger is stuck at 14 majors, and he will stay there. If you have seen how competitive golf has been recently, there is no way that Tiger can play with someone like Jordan Spieth. It is not going to happen. The game has passed him by, and in the meantime, the game has gotten a lot younger.

Those guys who were babies watching him play are now the golfers that would wipe him right off the course. He would not even make the cut at a major, and he would be embarrassed.

I want him to play golf

What Tiger needs to do is get back to being able to play golf just for his own leisure. He should work on his TV personality, and he should do golf analysis in the same way that Alex Rodriguez and Pete Rose do.

Please be reminded that A-Rod and Pete Rose are incredible at what they do. Do you want to see something amazing? Google the video of Pete Rose explaining batting grip to Alex Rodriguez. That is gold, and I would kill to see Tiger do that with someone like Lee Trevino or Gary Player. Come back, Tiger. Come back in a suit.